Community Transport Connect: Young – Canberra

Community Transport Connect is a corridor same day return bus service from Young to Canberra. It runs each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. servicing the communities of Young, Murringo, Boorowa and Yass.

This service is available to everyone living in the communities along the corridor, for any reason.

Timetable Young to Canberra

  • 7.00am Young Railway Station
  • 7.20am  Murringo Hall
  • 7.40am Boorowa (bus stop in front of police station)
  • 8.20am Yass Tourist Office
  • 9.00am Westfield Plaza Belconnen
  • 9.10am Calvary Hospital Bruce
  • 9.30am Canberra Hospital Garran
  • 9.40am John James Hospital Deakin
  • 9.55am Jollimont Interchange Canberra City
  • 10.15am Canberra Airport
Timetable Canberra to Young

  • 2.30pm Canberra Airport
  • 3.00pm Jollimont Interchange Canberra City
  • 3.15pm John James Hospital Deakin
  • 3.25pm Canberra Hospital Garran
  • 3.45pm Calvary Hospital Bruce
  • 3.50pm Westfield Plaza Belconnen
  • 4.35pm Yass Tourist Office
  • 5.05pm Boorowa (bus stop in front of police station)
  • 5.25pm  Murringo Hall
  • 5.45pm Young Railway Station


Cost $20 one way and $30 same day return. Bookings are essential and need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the departure.
This service does not run on public holidays.

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