Community Transport Connect: Young – Wagga

Community Transport Connect is a corridor same day return bus service from Young to Wagga Wagga . It runs each Tuesday and Thursday, servicing the communities of Young, Wombat, Wallendbeen, Cootamundra, Bethungra, Illabo and Junee.

This service is available for those people who are transport disadvantaged living in the communities along the corridor, who wish to access services, social outings or further transport links in Wagga.

Timetable Young to Wagga

  • 8am Young Railway Station
  • 8.15am Wombat Hotel
  • 8.30am Wallendbeen Rest Area
  • 8.45am Cootamundra Railway Station
  • 9.05am Bethungra Rest Area
  • 9.15am Illabo Rest Area
  • 9.30am Junee Railway Station
  • 10.00am Wagga Base Hospital
  • 10.10am Calvary Hospital
  • 10.15am Wagga CBD
  • 10.30am Wagga Airport
  • Various drop offs at Hospitals, Doctors and other destinations as per bookings. The bus will be available between 10.30am and 12.30pm for transport around Wagga.
Timetable Wagga to Young

  • 2.30pm Terrace of Tarcutta – transit lounge
  • 2.45pm Pick up at Hospitals
  • 3.00pm Wagga CBD
  • 3.30pm Junee Railway
  • 3.45pm Illabo Rest Area
  • 3.55pm Bethungra Rest Area
  • 4.15pm Cootamundra Railway Station
  • 4.30pm Wallendbeen Rest Area
  • 4.45pm Wombat Hotel
  • 5.00pm Young Railway


Cost $20 one way and $30 same day return. Bookings are essential and need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the departure.
This service does not run on public holidays.

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